The tea in Rwanda is well known all over the world for its infusion and enhanced brightness. Rwanda Mountain Tea produces some of the finest teas in Rwanda by investing in tea processing facilities, expert monitoring and guidance in crop production.

Rwanda Mountain Ltd is an investor in tea plantations and tea processing facilities. In August 2006, the Government of Rwanda under its privatization policy sold to Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd controlling shares (90%) of two estates of Nyabihu and Rubaya (both in the North Western region of Rwanda). The other 10% is owned by out-grower tea farmers.

Again in 2009, still in the privatization process, Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd acquired 60% shares in Kitabi tea estate (in the Southern region), and subsequently another 30%.

Then in 2010 (still in the privatization exercise) Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd in a consortium with an Indian company (Jay Shree Tea and Industries Ltd) successfully bid for 60% shareholding in two tea estates: Gisakura and Mata (in the South West of Rwanda).


The Government of Rwanda presents many investment opportunities to private sector. RMT chose to invest in tea and energy sectors given their importance to Rwanda’s socioeconomic transformation. In the area of tea, RMT leveraged on the privatisation policy to seize opportunities and is since steadily making positive progress. We at RMT are determined to be the leaders in producing Rwanda’s finest teas. Thus, we shall continue investing in our tea estates to sustain and improve productivity. Since almost a decade after the government privatized a number of tea estates to RMT, tremendous improvement has been registered in terms of quality...
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