Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd, Winner Of Two Quality Prizes At The Gold Medal Tea Competition Held In San Antonio, Texas

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd participated in the Gold Medal Tea Competition 2015 organized at the 6th North American Tea Convention organized in San Antonio, Texas from 21 to 24 September 2015, by the Tea Associations of the USA and Canada.

The convention was an opportunity for global stakeholders in the tea sector (producers, buyers, blenders, policy makers, retailers, researchers, certifying bodies and tasters) to brainstorm on accomplishments as well as issues/challenges faced by the sector in general.

It was furthermore an opportunity to discuss the future of tea compared to other beverages, especially in the USA and Canada, highlighting what the demand will look like in the future based on trends in non alcoholic beverages (coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, water…) today; and how to meet consumers’ demand while maximizing returns along the whole value chain.

Tea tasters marking tea at the Gold Medal Tea Competition 2015 in San Antonio

This was a good opportunity for networking among the participants, in our case with the view more especially of increasing our future sales to America. The gold medal tea competition was an opportunity for tea producers to enter into competition with other teas of their categories from different parts of the world.

Renowned tea tasters tasted the teas, and marked them per category, before giving the much prized awards. Teas that competed at this event included black, oolong, green and white.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd competed in the category of black CTC, and won two prizes:

1. 1st prize for the BP1 (Kitabi)

2. 2nd prize for the PF1 (Kitabi)

Prizes won by Rwanda Mountain Ltd at the Gold Medal Tea Competition 2015 in San Antonio

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