Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd Supports Out-Growers Transform Livelihoods

Recently, during the visit of his Excellency President Paul Kagame to Rubavu District; members of tea out-grower cooperatives expressed their gratitude towards Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd (RMT) support.

RMT Factories located in the North-Western regions both in Nyabihu and Rubaya have been providing a wide range support to the tea out-grower cooperatives of COOPTHEGA and COTRAGAGI.

The company is greatly contributing in development and income improvement of the local tea farmers. RMT owns tea plantations that supply about 65% of the tea leaves to the manufacturing factories while the rest is provided by the local tea out-growers, who are thus provided with all year round market for their produce. RMT owns 90% of the shares while 10% shareholding belonging to roughly 4,000 tea out-growers who receive annual dividends from their shares.

In addition RMT investments have positively impacted on the welfare of thousands of Rwandans in the region through employment creation. About 8,000 workers from surrounding communities are employed on the tea estates.

Furthermore the company has expanded its support to education, assisting with putting up primary schools in the area. RMT has also provided health insurance to the most vulnerable people and has contributed to the government’s programs including Girinka to alleviate poverty in the region.

Finally the tea outgrowers grouped in the tea cooperatives of COOPTHEGA AND COTRAGAGI are supported towards improving productivity of their fields through technical assistance and access to agricultural inputs

The Farmers in the tea cooperatives of COOPTHEGA and COTRAGAGI conveyed their gratitude to RMT for the partnership that has allowed them to boost their regular income.

In the year 2015 production was observed to have increased, which has impacted positively the farmers’ income. Farmers nevertheless face challenges such as transport of their tea leaves from the plantations to the factories.

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