Kitabi Tea Factory Gives Back To Communities

The management of Nyamagabe district has lauded Kitabi Tea Factory for being a good partner in development programs aimed at enhancing better livelihoods of residents.

The factory was lauded on 14th October ,2016 as Kitabi staff officially inaugurated safe water facilities and distributed tea seedlings for Nyamagabe farmers from earnings of the factory in collaboration with its partners including Tea Taylor’s of Harrogate, a company based in England buying and selling tea.

The executive secretary of Nyamagabe district, Jean Pierre Nshimiyimana has said that activities of Kitabi Tea Factory help the district to execute performance contracts aimed at enhancing residents’ welfare.

“I would like to voice my appreciation to Kitabi Tea Factory and Rwanda Mountain Tea. Their activities of availing safe water to citizens and distributing seeds are among programs promoting livelihoods of our people emphasizing the notion that water is life and provides better life,” he said.

Kitabi Factory availed safe water from taps in Uwurunazi and Uwabumenyi villages that will satisfy 350 families of more than 1000 people.

A total of 1,300,000 tea seedlingss to be planted on more than 100 hectares were also distributed among residents while farmers with old tea plantations were promised new seedlings.

The Director of Kitabi Tea Factory, Jean H. Mutabazi said that they will enhance good collaboration with tea farmers, support them in professional farming and avail development activities to them.

“We avail many activities to tea farmers. The first is to increase seeds facilitating them to extend arable land, the next is to avail safe water and providing cows to breed for their progress and realize the importance of planting tea,” he said.

Today, Kitabi Tea Factory has donated 50 cows to farmers which have started producing calves distributed to other poor people.

Kitabi Tea Factory is part of the Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd consortium which grows and processes tea. Kitabi factory has been emerging among best tea plants with good taste tea popular on Rwandan markets, in Africa and other parts of the World.

Tea farmers tasked on realizing sustainable development

After handing development facilities including water supply and seeds to residents from Kitabi, Tare and Uwinkingi sectors in Nyamagabe district, beneficiaries expressed delightfulness but urged to strive for sustainable development.

Niyibizi Bonaventure who represented Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd requested tea farmers to maintain availed infrastructures for sustainable progress.

“Maintain water facilities properly, clean your and maintain a good hygiene for sustainable development. Make tea growing an inheritance,” he urged.

Thankful Farmers

Some tea farmers in Tare, Kitabi and Uwinkingi sectors said that tea growing benefits have increased owing to the collaboration with Kitabi Tea factory.

“I have received a cow that provides manure and milk for my children. Today we have received safe water which continues to expand our access to development activities,” said Violette Musabyimana.

Extended partnership

Ian Brabbin, the head of Tea Taylor’s of Harrogate based in England commended the collaboration with Kitabi Tea factory and assured continued partnership especially in promoting farmers.

“Kitabi is a remarkable region for us; its tea has a unique aroma and taste and is among World’s most popular tea. Our collaboration has to go beyond tea and extended to partnership in promoting farmers development like providing water facilities among others. I promise continuity of such activities,” he said.

Kitabi Tea Factory is located in Kintobo village, Kagano cell of Kitabi sector in Nyamagabe district. It plants tea on the land of 950 hectares while residents working with the company plant tea on 900 hectares.

Kitabi Tea Factory produces 2 million kilograms of tea annually and targets to boost productivity matching with quality suitable for consumers.

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