Our Products

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd prides itself on consistently delivering high quality wholesome tea to the world markets.

At the factory level, the tea manufactured is tasted every hour to ensure it has the required quality standards of brightness, flavor and aroma.

Routinely these teas are tasted by tea experts or introduced into competition with other teas in the world to ensure top quality is attained and maintained. At Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd not only is quality and consistency extolled, but also safety at each production level.

Certifications to attest to compliance and standardization of best practices in the food sector are regularly renewed and audits conducted by international certifying bodies.

1- Conventional teas

Black CTC Teas

Factories under Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd management produces some of the best black CTC teas in Central and Eastern Africa. RMT black tea produces a dark coppery brew with rich, full -bodied flavors.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd offers for sale black CTC tea from the tea factories of Rubaya (recognized for its colorful cup), Nyabihu and Kitabi (recognized for their bright infusion) in a variety of grades, namely BP1, PF1, PD and Dust 1 for the primary grades; and Dust, Fngs1, Dust2 and BMF for the secondary grades.

The primary grade teas amount to more than 90 % of the total tea production. These teas are sold in bulk, which is in packages of 40 bags containing between 60 and 79 kg each. Mostly these teas are offered for sale at the Mombasa auction market where they regularly fetch some of the best prices at this market.

Rwanda Mountain tea Ltd offers for direct sale 30 % of its annual production of black tea.

Green Tea

RMT green tea, which is produced at the Rubaya tea factory using the CTC manufacturing method, produces a light yellow-green brew much prized by health conscious consumers who value its anti- oxidant properties.

This production is mostly availed in blended and packaged forms by Rwanda Tea packers Ltd.

2- Specialty teas

Organic black CTC tea

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd produces organic black CTC in a variety of grades from its tea factory of Rutsiro, and from Busenyi block in Kitabi. These teas hold EOS and NOP certifications, and are audited regularly to ascertain close adherence to the organic requirements.

They are mostly for export to international niche markets. A small percentage is sold at the Mombasa weekly auction market.

Organic green CTC Tea

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd is scheduled to start production of green organic CTC tea from its tea factory of Rutsiro. This tea will mostly be for export to niche markets worldwide.

Organic orthodox tea

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has completed installation of a line of orthodox tea manufacture at its tea factory of Rutsiro. Production is scheduled to start 2nd quarter 2016. The orthodox tea manufactured will be mostly for export purposes.