Elpidio MENSAH

Togolese national Komlam Elpidio Mensah is a member of board of directors of Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd. Mensah is a consultant and partner at ATALEX, Chartered Accountants and Consultants, Belgium.

Mensah served as a consultant, accounting and tax account manager at SA Brussels Financial Services (BFS) from 2000 to 2013.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from the University of Lomé, Togo, in 1996. He also obtained Bachelor of Technical Education Series G2-quantitative management techniques from Lomé in 1991.

In 1999, Mensah obtained a diploma of complementary studies of the 2nd cycle (DEC) in administration and management of companies at the Institute of Administration and Management of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

Mensah has excellent command of French language and fair knowledge of English language.

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