Corporate Social Responsibility

RMT gives back to the Rwandan populations in different ways. RMT’s investments both in the tea and energy sectors have positively impacted on livelihoods of thousands of Rwandans not only through employment creation but also provision of other social amenities.

In Kitabi, RMT has built a Technical and Vocational Education Training institute in Ruhingi Sector that has benefited children of residents in the area. These children are thought work skills to help them earn a decent living. RMT is an active player in government poverty alleviation programs such as ‘Girinka’ that provide vulnerable families with cows. RMT has partnered with a UK buyer to provide the necessary tea farming skills to outgrowers as well as the much needed tea seedlings for multiplication in their nurseries.

The cost of the entire project is born by RMT and its partner.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by Rustiro Tea Factory include, but are not limited to; constructing access roads which has benefited residents to access markets; support extended to schools; government programs like Girinka and support to outgrowers to acquire health insurance (Mituelle de Santé).

In Rubaya and Nyabihu, RMT is instrumental in supporting education. For instance, in Muhanda Sector, a primary school was built for children of tea ougrowers, which are accessible as well to local populations.

RMT organizes annually a farmers’ day at Rubaya, Nyabihu, and Kitabi where best performing outgrowers received various awards and prizes. The tea estates also support survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis through various commemoration initiatives.

RMT has a general policy of providing tea farmers with the necessary fertilizers for application in their plantations at subsidized prices and favourable payment terms. The company also promotes health insurance policies by encouraging farmers and casual workers to subscribe with medical insurance. This has gone a long way in improving the health status of the workers and their families.

With RMT Investment in energy, the company has built a 4km access road along the canal that goes around Giciye hills. Giciye that used to be a very remote area is now buzzing with business. Giciye residents’ income and livelihoods have improved tremendously.

All employees that worked on both projects were supported by RMT to subscribe to health insurance schemes (Mutuelle de Santé and RAMA).

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Outstanding farmers receive cows in prizes at Rubaya Tea Factory.
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Technical and Vocational Education Training institute in Ruhingi Sector