Black CTC

Factories under Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd management produce some of the best black CTC teas in Central and Eastern Africa. RMT black tea produces a dark coppery brew with rich, full -bodied flavors.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd offers for sale black CTC tea from the tea factories of Rubaya (recognized for its colourful cup), Nyabihu and Kitabi (recognized for their bright infusion) in a variety of grades, namely BP1, PF1, PD and Dust 1 for the primary grades; and Dust, Fngs1, Dust2 and BMF for the secondary grades. The primary grade teas amount to more than 90 % of the total tea production.

These teas are sold in bulk, which is in packages of 40 bags containing between 60 and 79 kg each for primary grade tea. The secondary grade categories are packaged in 20 bags per invoice, with weight of an invoice varying between 700 kg and 1580 kg. Mostly these teas are offered for sale at the Mombasa auction market where they regularly fetch some of the best prices at this market.

Rwanda Mountain tea Ltd offers for direct sale 28 % of its annual production of black tea, while 2% of its production is sold under blended and packaged form to local and regional markets.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd will start production of black CTC tea from its newly built factory, Gatare, in December 2017.

Black CTC Grades

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