CSR Activities
CSR Activities

CSR Activities

Largely, corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd manifest in different ways. CSR is deeply rooted in Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd company policy, operations and practices.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd investments both in the tea and energy sectors have positively impacted on livelihoods of many Rwandans, not only through employment creation, but also provision of other social amenities.

In Kitabi for instance Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has built a Technical and Vocational Education Institute (TVET) in Ruhingi sector that is benefiting sons and daughters of many residents in the area and far.

In addition, Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd is an active player in government social protection programs like Girinka, which distributes cows to most vulnerable families. Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd also gives incentives to tea out-growers in form of donations of; cattle, goats, radios, clothes etc.

In special cases, Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has constructed access roads benefiting citizens. A case in point is in Rutsiro where Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd constructed access roads connecting tea plantations to Rutsiro Tea Factory. Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd also supports survivors of the 1994 genocide against the tutsis through various commemoration initiatives.

At all RMT estates, the company has a program of giving fertilizers to out-growers at subsidized price and favorable payment terms. Based on their category, casual workers are supported to subscribe to health insurance policies with Mutuelle de Santé. This has gone a long way in improving the health of their families. Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has partnered with a tea buyer to supply potable water to residents in Kitabi.

Outstanding farmers receive cows in prizes at Rubaya Tea Factory.

Technical and Vocational Education Training institute in Ruhingi Sector

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