Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd/Rutsiro Tea Factory or Rutsiro Tea Factory in brief, is located in the Rutsiro District, approximately 124 km from Kigali city. Through privatization, Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd obtained 100% shares in the Government tea plantations in Rutsiro in a deal that was sealed in 2012. Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd also acquired 66 hectares of eucalyptus forest.

Tea out-growers in Rutsiro have over 1,000 hectares of tea plantations. From the onset Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd strategized to make all tea plantations in Rutsiro 100% organic.

Building of Rutsiro tea factory by Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd started in 2012, shortly after the takeover of the tea plantations, and was completed in 2014. Full processing of tea started end 2014.

Rutsiro Tea Factory has obtained certificates for compliance with norms of food production (ISO 220000:2005), sustainable agriculture (Rainforest Alliance) and organic farming (EOS and NOP organic certificates).

Rutsiro Tea Factory produces organic certified black CTC tea and organic certified orthodox black and green tea. The company has signed forward contracts with major blenders and packagers for the processed tea, and projects to expand its plantations and those of the tea out-growers to ensure full production capacity of the factory as it operates presently at a tenth of the build in capacity.

Giving back to the community

Rutsiro Tea Factory employs over 1,000 casual workers, and intends to increase the number of workers as the production and operations increase. It provides a source of income for Rutegroc, the tea cooperative of 2,072 members, by buying their produce all year round. In addition, the factory assists tea out-growers subscribe to health insurance schemes; helps with construction of access roads to benefit them move their production….

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