Rubaya Tea Estate is part of the Rubaya – Nyabihu Tea Company, in which Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd acquired majority shares in 2006 through the privatization program which aim was to yield shares to private investors and tea cooperatives to increase the tea sector efficiency. Rubaya Tea Estate is situated in the Northwestern part of Rwanda, more precisely in the Western Province, Ngororero District, 145 km away from Kigali.

Rubaya tea bushes are grown on high volcanic soils near the area where the famous Silver Back or Mountain Gorilla lives. Rubaya enjoys regular and abundant rains most of the year round and has a yearly average temperature of 14 °C.

Rwanda Mountain Tea limited has entrusted Rubaya Tea Estate with the mission to grow and process quality tea while protecting the natural habitat where many species of wildlife are found through good agricultural processes and appropriate manufacturing methods. Rubaya Tea Estate provides all year round employment to 7,000 people.

Rubaya Tea Estate has received a number of certificates of standards including Rainforest Alliance Certificate for is sound management of the natural reserves; ISO 22000:2005 for safety of its food management system and Pesticide Residue Certificate for offering teas non contaminated by chemical pollutants.

Rubaya Tea Estate buys 30 % of its green leaf from 1,280 village tea growers grouped under the Cotragagi Cooperative. Rubaya Tea Estate supports the cooperative through sharing technical skills and assisting in procurement of tea consumables. It also assist alleviate poverty in surrounding communities through different social and development programmes.

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