Nyabihu Tea Estate is part of the Rubaya – Nyabihu Tea Company, in which Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd acquired majority shares in 2006 through the privatization program whose aim was to yield shares to private investors and tea cooperatives to increase the tea sector efficiency. Nyabihu Tea Estate is located in the Western Province, Nyabihu District, on the road to Gisenyi after the junction to Mukamira, 121 km away from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Nyabihu tea estate is situated 2,400 meters above sea level.

Nyabihu tea estate has 1,411.97 hectare of land, of which 1,043.54 hectares are occupied by tea plantations and staff houses; and 368.43 hectares by fire wood forest.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has given Nyabihu Tea Estate the mission to grow and process quality tea while ensuring protection of the environment through agricultural practices that enhance the natural development of the tea bushes, and through appropriate modern manufacturing processes aimed at producing best quality teas. Nyabihu Tea Estate provides a safe working environment that focuses on the welfare of its employees and their development.

Nyabihu Tea Estate has received a number of international recognized certificates including the ISO 22 000:2005 Certificate, the Rainforest Alliance Certificate and the Pesticide Residue Certificate.

Nyabihu Tea Estate produces some of its green leaves and buys part of it from out-grower tea farmers, who are united in Copthega tea cooperative.

The tea estate produces some of the best black CTC tea in the region, and has in 2017 scooped the overall best black CTC tea at the 3rd East African Tea Convention and Exhibition held in Nairobi in May.

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